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Mens Clothing: Formal Wear Components

In this modern time, fashion and looking good is not just a girl thing, but a man thing already. Realizing the importance of looking good, men are now more keen in choosing their own mens clothing. When they are invited to a attend a formal event, they would love to prepare for it. However, given some circumstances men find it difficult to choose clothing that would make them stand out in a crowd.

What men do not realize is that it is easier for them to choose what to wear than women because their clothing requirements are very detailed. Even having a limited pieces and colors, men can still be the talk of the town as long they wear something that is well-thought. For men, going back to the basics of choosing what to wear would still do. In a formal event, a man can take a look at the following set of components to achieve that desired look.

1. Black Trousers. This pants has a shiny part called the piping which is found at the sides. Usually, it is made of silk, satin or grosgrain. Silk for the lapels and piping would be good. Having a matching lapel and piping is very important.

2. Evening jacket. For an evening jacket, it is better to go for black. Commonly, this is single-breasted with peaked lapels that point upward. The lapel should be made of different color and should always be visible. At the same time, it should be silkier and shinier than the other parts of the jacket.

3. Low waistcoat. Black one would be best for this. This one is also called as cummerbund. Its purpose is to cover the waistband of the pants to create a slimmer body. Belt is not recommended for this but suspenders would do just fine.

4. White dress shirt. If it is for a tuxedo, the dress shirt should be white with black buttons. The front should be pleated and turn down collar and should be made from a material pique cotton. For a sharper look, collars and cuffs would help.

5. Bow tie.  You can either choose from two types of bow ties. You can have butterfly or bat wing. When having a difficulty tyeing a bow tie, you can buy a clip-around one.

6. Oxford shoes. Shoes will always be the one to complete men’s formal wear. Having an appropriate and well-polished Oxford shoes with laces made of silk that perfectly matches the lapels and the piping would definitely make a man be the talk of the town.

Just spending some extra time to give justice to a formal look will always be worth it. Having the perfect clothes would make a man more confident facing anyone in a formal event. When having the difficulty on where to shop for best mens clothing, turning into the internet and having an online shopping would help. Having so many online shops for mens suits, shopping is made easier for them, giving them the assurance that they can achieve whatever look they would desire for different occasions.

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